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What We Offer?

One stop solution from web application, to mobile apps including hosting

From a simple landing page, to fully functional web application, Administrating Web Panel, Both Android and IOS Mobile application, including RESTful API, database, server hosting, push notification, geolocation, and many more. We're mainly developing with the latest and widely supported programming languages. Specialised in NodeJS, Javascript, Flutter, Angular 6+, VueJs, C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL, Ionic 4, Angular 5, VueJs, RESTful API with swagger, JSON, HTML5, Git, Docker.

AWS Cloud hosting offers massive options to be future proof of your application. EC2, SNS, SQS, Route53, S3, Load Balancing, DynamoDB, Lambda

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Chase Your Dream

It's always our dream to help you achieve yours. Talk to us and you will realise you're just one step away of achieving your dream.

We have a team that have more than 10 years experience for frontend and backend development are still active in latest Information Technology scene. We're always excited to solve complex problems while seeking for easiest solutions.

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Turn The Tables

Bring your business into next level. Regain the edge of advantage from your competitors.

We're here to provide consulting, improvement advice and solutions to automate your painful repetitive daily job. Spend your time on value added service.


Why us?

We're here to help you to solve problem, not create more.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Ease the budget of hiring two developer on native application while you can have one to do both?

On The Cloud

Powerful AWS Cloud hosting platform allows you to manage your servers at ease.

Stay Online

High availability, sustainability and scalability comes in minimal cost.

Stick To The Plan

Race with time is our best part. We'll always commit to the timeline and deliver as we agree. We're able to schedule time to time meet-up to ensure both parties are aware of the progression.

Nice & Easy

We always provide simple and structure code for the ease of picking up by next person. Every lines of code, functions, will be in git repository. You'll have the full source code under your rights.

We Got You Covered

We offer subscription based support to the system, before you have your own team to manage it. Everything will be under your control.

Stay Safe

We will not disclose any of your personal information to third party without your consent.

Modest Pricing

We offer modest pricing to help you build your dream.

Continuous Communication

Slack channel will be the easiest way to stay connected between us.

Contact Us now

Fill in simple google form and we will get back to you as soon as possible